Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Has Gradutated To Congealed Salads!

OK - time to get back to blogging. But I'm too lazy to upload the photos/examples, so today let's talk about celebrities making fools of themselves while murdering the English language - and having no idea that they are doing so.

American Idol has started up again. Yes, I like to watch the early episodes not necessarily for the bad singers (because I know that the producers have pushed them through with promises of glory and reassurances that they have wonderful voices only to crush their dreams and embarrass them on TV), but to see the great singers as they audition - as the judges see them for the first time.

On the first episode, with Posh Spice (or should I say Plastic Spice - I swear I had dolls with the same sheen to their face) as the guest judge, there was one singer who tripped over the word 'graduated' and came up with 'gradutated'. At least I think that's what he said. It's hard to spell words that aren't really words. But they passed on him, so we won't have to endure any more of his tenuous grasp of the language.

Second episode. Guest judge this time around is Mary J Blige. She's had a successful career, right? She is nice looking, appears to have a handle on that tricky thing called communication. BUT - then a wannabe idol walked in who had been a Miss America contestant. Ms. Blige commented on that part of her information, noting that she hadn't won the contest, but she had been awarded (are your ready for this one?) Miss Congealiality! Seriously! And no one even blinked. I had to replay it several times, thinking I had heard it wrong. CONGEALIALITY! My guess was that she made the best molded jello salad for the talent portion.

Sigh. You can't make this shit up.