Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now Hiring - People Who Can Spell

Subway is hiring.  Good pay.  Bonuses?  Maybe the good pay belongs to the bonuses themselves?

No phone calls please - we don't want to have to explain who the bonuses belong to.

While we're reading these ads - can we mention the overuse of the phrase, "looking for friendly, motivated, responsible team players"? Does that line come free with every want ad? It reminds me of single people who claim to like, "long walks on the beach, moonlit strolls, and cuddling on the sofa".

If the ad writers could be a little more creative, they might attract some new types of applicants.

Who can spell bonuses.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Falling Into My Lap!

So I finally get around to creating this blog on a Sunday. No posts, but I have a general idea, the concept, etc.

Monday I go to the airport (oldest son was flying to Prague for a semester), and the first thing I see is this! And there I am with my camera (to document son's leaving)! The fates were with me for sure. This was meant to be - I've never been so excited to see an error before!

Let me explain a little more. The terminal was pretty much empty. No lines. Just ticket agents waiting around for travelers to check-in. Above the counter for American, there were approximately 15 of these flat screens with the above message. Hello? Does anyone have any sense at all about proper use of the words your and you're? It's not that hard.

I would like to note, though, that they did get the first word right. So bonus points for that.

If You Can't Trust Network News . . .

I swear this happened just days after the tittle incident. Like a rapidly spreading disease, spelling errors were appearing everywhere!

There was the newscaster, trying to be serious, telling us all to be wary of an outbreak of Whooping Cough, and in the background, what you see here. I tell you, I feel like Rodney Dangerfield, "I don't get no respect!" And yes, if a news station - a trusted source for all things important - can't even spell properly, I feel disrespected.

If it was my job to create the graphics for that station, I'd be mortified! Maybe that's the problem these days. People just don't care.

Let me hear an Amen!

Blame It On The Tittles

 blame it all on the tittles. Not that tittles are an actual thing, but hey, go with it.

For years, I've harbored a not-so-secret grudge against the appalling lack of editors in the local paper, the overuse of "quotation" "marks", and other basic rules of grammar being continually abused and ignored. I've had enough. It's time to take  stand. I will shout out the errors to the world (or the few who may stumble upon this blog) and insist that people begin to pay attention to the rules of grammar once again!

I am not an English major, nor do I claim to be perfect in all that I may speak or write. But some things are just so - so - GLARING, that I had to create a place to vent.

So let's get to it. Our first example - and the first time I documented abuse, comes to us courtesy of the local paper. Apparently economics have forced them to eliminate editors altogether. I don't know, maybe they think that basic spell check will be enough to catch errors? Guess not. Witness this recent (very large, I might add) headline in the sports section:

How, I ask, does that gain approval for print? What does it say about the paper in general? That they don't care? They can't be bothered?