Sunday, March 29, 2009

Food Prices On The Rise

Whoa! They want HOW much for those potatoes?

I wonder how much they wanted for the larger potatoes. I'm a fan of russets myself - it's a good thing - I couldn't afford those baby reds!

As Chris, who sent this to me, said - "At $2.99 each they had better be the best veggies I have ever tasted!" I'll say.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Menu withOut "ANY"...direction

Oh my. Here's another one that is too much to show in a small photo - click on the picture to see a larger view.

It's almost like a game - see how many errors you can spot! Count them out and leave a comment with your total. If there aren't enough for you to spend a few hours finding them, this is only one page from the menu. I'll see if I can get the other pages up later.

I felt bad for the place; it looks to be a small Mom and Pop restaurant, so I covered up the name.

Maggie, who sent this to me, has the (inglorious?) pleasure of working there. I wonder how hard it is to have to look at the menu every shift. Don't you want to run home, retype it, and run some new menus off for them?

At least they spelled you're correctly.

OK - I added the rest of the menu below. I didn't block the name here - it appears in too many places. Oh well. Again, click on the photo to see the menu in full glory. And yeah, I know it's a different color - not a great testament to my photo taking abilities.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun Party! 7pm Unti (Unti? Unit? What?)

I was at a camera store the other day, using the ultra cool machine that prints digital photos. On the counter were samples of products that you can create with your photos - calendars, Christmas cards, books.

And invitations.

I'm guessing that the create-a-card machine lacks spell check. Which must also be lacking in the worker bees in the photo store.

I'll admit, I make mistakes like this a lot. Even when writing longhand - which is really scary. But usually, when I proof what I've written, I catch the error. Ah, there's the rub. Proof our work must we to errors catch thee. (Sorry Yoda.) (And yes, I spelled it 'thee' on purpose - to rhyme - otherwise it would sound even more stupid than it already does.)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alabama the Sad Example

I don't really want to get into stereotypes - my mom always said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." But seeing as I've already stomped on that and beat it with a stick in this blog, I may as well keep on going.

Which causes me to wonder for a second - in reality, I'm actually trying to do a good thing with this blog. Pointing out grammatical errors can only help the world, right? It makes me happy to do this, which is a good thing as well. So, while I may not be saying nice things about others, I am merely offering constructive criticism. But just to cover my butt, I'm going to offer a blanket, "Bless their hearts!" to all who can't help but screw up their grammar.

So off to Alabama we go. Alabama is one of those southern states that seems to get a bad rap for their educational system. Why? Maybe it's because they've earned it. Here is a sign that appears when you enter the state.

Not bad (although I would have stated it differently). I especially love the ironic background.

BUT - when you explore further into the Alabama road system, they like to remind you of their original statement. Keep Alabama beautiful - right? Wrong. Enter the bright individual who stamped a big OK on the final proof for these signs:

Um - what? Maybe Alabama has a super secret campaign to rename the state 'Alabama the Beautiful'? And maybe that new state is about to be purchased by another country? But how would littering affect the buyout? Hmmm.

No, I'm afraid it's just Alabama showing their ignorance. You can argue against the stereotypes all you want, Alabama the Beautiful, but it's not going to help having evidence like this every few miles across the state.

Bless their hearts. They just can't help it.

Thank you to Lauren, who is serving as a temporary scout (deep undercover) in Alabama (the beautiful).

I'm not partial to southern states - show me what you've got in your home state - except you northerners - I know you're all perfect ;-)

Note - I am not criticizing the owners of the wonderful home behind the sign above. I'm sure it's a wonderful home and in no way do I mean to trash them. It's just damn funny that their home appears behind the sign.